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Yorkshire & Fife Fancy Canaries

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5th JAN 2013

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Fife Fancy Canaries


The Fife canary fancy is on a crest of a wave with large numbers shown throughout the UK every weekend of the show season at both specialist and all variety shows.


The overall show quality is high, yet the top breeders like other canary breeds, remain consistently in the leading awards.

The long time specialist breeders have been joined by many beginners as well as many experienced breeders who have for one reason or another changed breeds.


My involvement with Fife’s has evolved in short stages. Having added a few into the bird room to ‘assist’ my Yorkshire’s I decided that if I was to maintain this ‘procedure’ then I would take a greater interest in the breed and add some better quality birds into the room.


During this time of studying everything I could on the breed I found myself ‘hooked’ on this diminutive canary. The following year I visited the  Midland Fife show which I commented that it was the best show that I had been to for years.  The shear numbers of birds and exhibitors gave the show hall a buzz.


I have found that the Fifes have rejuvenated my interest in the fancy and provide a greater challenge than I could have imagined with so many top quality birds from many studs being exhibited.




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Some of my 2017 breeding team;

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